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April 30, 2009

DIY (Do It Yourself) Oil Gasket Replacement for Mini Cooper S R53 (Part 7)

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Removing and installing front bumper trim

  1. Unfasten screws (1 and 2). Tightening torque 51 11 1AZ

  2. If necessary, release clip (1) and remove release handle (2).

  3. Release screws (3). Tightening torque 51 11 2AZ .

  4. Release screw rivets (4) and screws (5). Tightening torque 51 11 6AZ

  5. Release bumper from catches (1).

  6. Disconnect plug connector (2) for parking lights.

  7. Disconnect plug connector (3) for direction indicators.

  8. Disconnect plug connector (4) for outside temperature sensor.

  9. Remove bumper towards front with a second person helping.


When you are reinstalling there is some play in the adjusting bolts that let you line up the hood to front bumper. You can raise the bumper up and down and right to left a little to make the body panels match up. When you are reinstalling make sure to close the hood and check the clearance between the bumper cover and hood (bonnet – sorry!)


In addition, the wiring harness for the side markers and directional indicators look identical. The one with the long wires goes to the front turn signals and the shorter wires go to the side markers. Note where the wires run through the MDE and when you are reattaching make sure not to pinch any wires.


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