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April 30, 2009

DIY (Do It Yourself) Oil Gasket Replacement for Mini Cooper S R53 (Part 6)

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Removing serpentine drive belt (COOPER S)


Special tools required:

11 8 410

11 8 470

This is the belt tool mention in the summery and a spare Allen wrench or similar tool.



Drive belt tensioner is subject to heavy tension. Make sure that locking pin is correctly seated.

Mark the direction of rotation of the drive belt if it is to be reused.

Replace the drive belt if it is fouled with coolant/engine oil or hydraulic fluid.


Your belt probably and should be replaced since you are doing all this work. You probably will get grease on it and if your car is over four years old and a few miles on it enough to have oil gasket leak go ahead and change the belt while you’re at it.


  1. Pull dipstick out of dipstick tube.
  2. Insert special tool 11 8 410 as shown. Note: Make sure paintwork is not damaged.

  3. Attach special tool 11 8 410 to tensioner (1).

  4. Relieve tension of drive belt and block tensioner with locking pin, special tool 11 8 470. Note: A second person may be needed to hep install special tool 11 8 470 in the second bore hole.
  5. Remove drive belt. (If you are not replacing the belt you can just slip it of the AC Compressor.
  6. Examine drive belt for traces of coolant or oil, replace if necessary.


Assemble engine.

Check that drive belt is in correct installation position.


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