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April 30, 2009

DIY (Do It Yourself) Oil Gasket Replacement for Mini Cooper S R53 (Part 2)

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Part 2:

Raising vehicle with trolley jack and removing the front right wheel




Observe the following trolley-jack-related instructions:

1. Use only BMW-distributed/approved trolley jacks which have rubber plate contact points. (Not really) (Or just buy a Sears floor jack… works fine!)

2. Trolley jacks must be regularly serviced and always checked for functional reliability before they are used!

3. Check the rubber plate on the trolley jack prior to each use, replacing if necessary.





The vehicle may be raised with a trolley jack only at the following jacking points!

1. Side of front axle subframe

2. Side car jacking points

  1. Loosen lug nuts on right front tire with impact wrench or lug wrench. Do not remove the lug nuts.
  2. Life your car with the floor jack at the front of the car (2) on one side and raise it as far as it will go. Place a jack stand under (1) or other part of frame near front of car.
  3. Go to the other side of you’re and raise it as far as it will go. It will be higher than on the other side. Place your jack stand under that side on the frame (1)
  4. Now go back to the other side of your car with your jack and raise it as far as it will go. It should now go up even with the other side. Raise that jack stand so they even.
  5. Remove lug nuts and remove the right front tire.
  6. The goal is to have the front of the car on jack stands as high as it will go and the front right tire removed.

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